The US-China Relationship Explained- with rapper Big Daddy Dough

What does China think about Trump? What does China hope to gain in making deals with the US? Why is the US-China relationship important? All of these questions are answered as Sean Sevy interviews Big Daddy Dough, who is an economist in Beijing by day and a rapper by night. Big Daddy Dough recently released his new album: “The Redprint: Rhyme and Reason in the Riddle Kingdom,” which consisted entirely of rap/hip-hop/funk parodies about Chinese culture and politics.

So why does Big Daddy Dough dedicate an entire album to Chinese issues? For money? No. In fact, the album is free of charge if you go to Here’s what he wants from his listeners: first, to gain a greater appreciation for the importance of the US-China relationship and second, he urges listeners to donate money they might have spent on the album to the charities on his website.

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