The Solution to Bad Internet Companies – with Jeff Christensen

We’re having a conversation about why your internet sucks. But the internet doesn’t suck, your internet company does. Your internet is open and free to the world, but your Internet Service Provider (ISP), is surprisingly closed and lacking in innovation.

This week, Jeff Christensen talks with Sean Sevy about how his company called EntryPoint has created a huge disruption in the industry. Consider this: What if you could simply go online and switch your ISP within 30 seconds? It would create a world of competition and innovation rather than monopolies and poor customer service. But can this ideal actually be implemented? It can. In fact, it already has been implemented. Jeff Christensen has introduced this disruptive model in Ammon, Idaho and, as expected, it drove down costs and fueled innovation.

Jeff and Sean shared the stage at TEDxSaltLakeCity, wherein Jeff talked about this ISP innovation. His talk is called: “The Internet Disruption Every City Needs.” Check out his TEDx talk here:

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