This Device Will Save Thousands of Babies’ Lives

Each year, over 3 million babies in developing countries die within their first month of life. Many of these deaths would be preventable if these countries had adequate health care. A social venture called Neonatal Rescue was aware of these unfortunate statistics, and they’re poised to save thousands of lives with their new medical device. They’ve invented a neonatal respirator that does a lot of the same stuff you’d expect from a respirator in a US hospital. The biggest difference: it costs hundreds–not thousands–to produce.

In this episode, we interview Margaret Melville, the COO of Neonatal Rescue. We talk about how Neonatal Rescue plans on saving thousands of lives with this new device. And we answer a few questions like: What makes something sustainable in a developing country? OR: Why should we approach poverty issues with the intent to make a profit?

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