Networkr: The New App that Revolutionizes Networking

People who frequent networking events have a common problem: they keep meeting the same people at their table. Networking events try to fix this problem by having you draw a number out of a hat. But still, that’s not good enough. Because the hat doesn’t know what events you’ve been to before and how many people you’ve already met in the room. But the Networkr app does. Networkr is being released this month and it has the potential to affect millions of networkers across the world. We talk to the co-founders of Networkr: Brandon Knudsen and Brendan Dalley. It shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re so passionate about networking: that’s how they met. And they want to see more people have face-to-face connections after using this app. So is it just a Tinder for networking? No. It’s better.

For more information on Networkr, or if you want to be one of its pioneers, visit:

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2 thoughts on “Networkr: The New App that Revolutionizes Networking”

  1. Hey Sean, you might already be aware of this, but I remember reading about an app that is used at Ironman events that connects people who are registered for the race so they can make connections with other racers. I think it’s an awesome idea on all levels… business, dating, etc.

    1. So you’re saying if I want an Ironman chick, there’s an app for that? I’ll have to check that out. We’d probably have an interesting marriage

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