Is Our (Political) Climate Changing?

Is the climate changing? Well, here’s the bigger question: Is our political climate changing? It is. And it’s changing for the worse. In other words, the dialogue over political matters is so polarized and toxic that it’s starting to get hard to breathe. And it’s getting hard to hear anything that’s being said by people on the other side of the aisle.

Join us as we have a conversation with experts with differing opinions on climate change. And they’ve all agreed to have peaceful conversation that’s aimed toward productive dialogue. It’s a model that we all can implement as we try to have conversations about tough topics like climate change.

The conclusion: It’s undeniable. The political environment is warming. It’s not at a natural rate. And it is, in fact, a result of our own neglect.

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn a little bit about climate change and how to actually reverse the effects of political climate change.

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