How We Might Be Discriminating Against Disabled People- with Romel Mackelprang

We’ve talked about racism and sexism, but today we’re talking about ableism–the discrimination against disabled people. In this episode we have a conversation about ableism with Dr. Romel Mackelprang, the Director of Disability Studies at Eastern Washington University. So how has society discriminated against disabled people? Here’s one: something called Inspiration Porn. This is when disabled people are only found in our media as objects of inspiration to make other people feel like they don’t have it so bad. It’s porn because one group of people (disabled people) are objectified for the benefit of another group of people (non-disabled people).

Listen to this episode to learn more about how we can do better and how public policy can do better to make disability discrimination no longer a thing.

This conversation was recorded at an event in Salt Lake City called Think Again. For more info on these events, visit:

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