Toilets that Break Down Waste with Earthworms- with Dr. Meera Khader

Many slum dwellers in India live without a toilet. As a result, they must attend to nature’s call out in the open. Not only is open defecation an inconvenience or embarrassment, but it causes other issues such as: insect bites, disease,  missed education opportunities, and sexual abuse.

Sean Sevy talks to the founder of SAPID, Dr. Meera Khader, to discuss these problems. And fortunately, these problems have a solution: innovative toilet systems called Soilets. Soilets are toilets which break down waste using earthworms, which makes them a perfect fit for slums which lack basic sewer systems.

Sean introduced Soilets to India when he was a volunteer for HELP International in 2011. After the first 5 Soilets were built, SAPID continued to build Soilets to the point where there are now over 150 Soilets in the slum which once only had 5. Now, instead of disease spreading rapidly, the Soilet is spreading rapidly.

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