How to Make it Big on Shark Tank: From a Co-Founder of IllumiBowl

How do you go from a great idea to a great business? And what does it take to make it on Shark Tank? Joining us this week is Mike Kannely, who is a co-founder of IllumiBowl, a Utah-based startup which invented a night light that goes right into the toilet bowl. Mike and his brother-in-law Matt Alexander came up with this idea when they realized that getting up in the middle of the night with blinding bathroom lights is something that ought to change. After a $100,000 Kick Starter campaign they got some nationwide recognition that landed them with the opportunity to pitch their business on Shark Tank. And they even got Kevin O’leary to partner with them.

In this week’s episode Mike Kannely gives us some insight on how having a successful startup is not like winning the lottery, but rather there’s plenty of resources out there for entrepreneurs all over to be successful.

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  1. “Just being on the show can be a huge boost for you, but it’s only if the Sharks like it,” Marrs says. “How much success you have if you do or don’t get a deal depends on how much they like the product while you’re on there.”

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