Biodegradable Maxi Pads: Female Hygiene Just Got More Sustainable

Typical female sanitary pads take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill. So unless we’re ok with future archaeologists digging up our remains in a thousand years just to find a bunch of used maxi pads…something must be done.

In this week’s episode, Sean Sevy talks with Ali Dibble and Ben Bradford, who are students working to develop a biodegradable maxi pad called the SHERO pad. The SHERO team–under the direction of University of Utah professor Jeff Bates–started out as a research project but is now a startup out to revolutionize the future of maxi pads. Not only are they catering to environmentally-minded American customers but they’re formulating a model for the SHERO pad to be accessible to women in developing countries who lack basic feminine hygiene.

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