Sneak Peek: Soilets, Crickets, and Artificial Intelligence

This summer, Un-Uninformed has some interesting episodes coming up, but we need YOU to submit questions about these topics! To be part of the conversation, follow us on Twitter:

On this short un-episode, we’re giving a sneak peek into 3 episodes that will come out this summer. Here they are:

  1. Soilets are toilets that break down waste using earthworms. This is an example of how Engineering can be incorporated into International Development. Sean Sevy was behind the Soilet project in India and he might be talking about it on the stage for the Salt Lake TEDx event. Here’s his submission video:
  2. Crickets have the potential to being the ultimate sustainable food source of the future. Pat Crowley will be talking about his startup which has put cricket flour into energy bars. Here’s when he spoke at a TEDx event in the Netherlands:
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to shape our future. It’s gonna be big, and the AI invention that will change the world hasn’t been invented yet. We’ll be interviewing Kevin Kelly, a columnist for WIRED who is well-known for his TED talk and newly-published book on AI. His TED talk is here.

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