How to Become an Extremely Successful Leader – with Dr. Sunnie Giles

We all know that some companies make it and some don’t. But then there are those few companies that kick butt when it comes to being extremely successful and implementing radical innovation. There’s a science behind all of this. Joining us on this episode of Un-Uninformed is Dr. Sunnie Giles who has dedicated her research to this science. In fact, her new book is called The New Science of Radical Innovation. In this interview, Dr. Sunnie Giles gives Sean Sevy some of the secrets from her book on how to become a leader that can create a company as successful and innovative as Google.

Dr. Sunnie Giles’ new book is coming out April 10, 2018. For more information on purchasing this book, click here.

Also, Sean Sevy has done a book review on the book. Check it out here.

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