Throw it Away OR Thrift Store? Most Throw it Away

85% of the clothing, shoes, etc. of middle class America ends up in the trash. Even people with intentions of taking it all to the thrift store still end up chucking it. MacKay Crookston saw this problem. So he created an app, called Giveit, where people can get rid of their junk in minutes. It’s simple: you take a picture of your junk, leave it in a bag on your doorstep, and somebody comes by to pick it up. On this week’s show, we not only interview MacKay Crookston, but we actually downloaded the Giveit app and tried it out. And it works! In just a few hours someone’s going to pick up some old shoes and clothes that have been sitting around in Sean’s house. You can download the app here.

But how does MacKay plan on making money with this business? In asking this question we learn something unexpected: thrift stores (like Good Will and the DI) don’t donate clothes to developing countries. They sell it to them. And donating clothing to a third world country is actually a bad idea. Why? Well, listen to the podcast to find out.

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