Is Trump: Han Solo or the Emperor?

While liberals would say Trump is the Emperor, everyone can agree that–like Han Solo–Trump is self-centered, he doesn’t take crap, and he’s definitely an outsider. And if Trump is Solo, then VP-elect Mike Pence is (you guessed it) Chewbacca: the honorable sidekick who we mostly see as endearing, but when needed, he can rip arms off (you’d agree if you saw him tear apart Hillary at the VP debates).

In this episode, we talk about two trending things in the news: the new Star Wars movie and Trump’s newly-appointed cabinet. We become acquainted with these soon-to-be leaders of America while learning what their associated Star Wars character may or may not tell us about them. And this intense Star Wars discussion could not be possible without our guest Star Wars guru Jaron Janson.

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3 thoughts on “Is Trump: Han Solo or the Emperor?”

    1. We did too! We’ll have to follow up on our predictions when Star Wars Episode 8 comes out in December. Or maybe we shouldn’t wait that long…

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