The Unsexy Truths About Sex Ed

Sex education in our schools is a controversial issue. There are the two extremes: the abstinence-only approach and the comprehensive approach to sex ed. And these are big issues for a reason: parents are passionately protesting having their kids see a condom demonstration as part of education curriculum, among other things. It can get awkward. But for Sean Sevy, nothing could be worse than his experience of sex ed at scout camp: where his leader decided to breed his horses right in front of the troop. Yes, this can be an unsexy subject around the dinner table, butĀ in this podcast we attempt to find solutions. Sean attends an event called “Bird & Bees,” where a panel with differing views on this topic have a civil conversation on what needs to happen to make sex ed have the effect it’sĀ supposed to have.

Join us as we see the conception of new ideas on sex ed.

2 thoughts on “The Unsexy Truths About Sex Ed”

  1. Sean, I love the direction you took this! We need an innovation; maybe the solution is still out there. I’m hopeful!

    1. Thanks Dana! That goes for a lot of things: looking for solutions seems to be a lot better than complaining about the problem. If there is any type of development in this field, particularly with this panel, I wanna be the first to report on it!

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