A Ugandan Perspective on Women Empowerment

Tina Kyambadde is a manager for over 60 Ugandan artisans for Musana International. Musana is a company where artisans craft jewelry in Uganda which is sold in the US. Their slogan is “Jewelry for Change.” The money generated not only employs these Ugandan artisans, but it is used to ensure that these women have basic needs such as education for their children. Women in Uganda face many forms of gender inequality in the workplace and education. Tina is out to change that. She believes that “women need to know that the best way to develop the world is by empowering women.” And she’s pulled it off. Dozens of women working for Musana International have gone from bleak circumstances to complete self-reliance. For more information on Tina’s organization, or if you want to buy some of this hip jewelry yourself, visit MusanaIntl.com.

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